Super Quick Clean Guns Solution by the Quart


Your total gun care solution.

Super Quick Clean Guns is not your father’s gun cleaner.

  • Easy to use.
  • Less mess.
  • No harsh odors.

If you are affiliated with Law Enforcement, Security Services, or the Military, please call us at 888-381-6162  to place your order.


Total Care for all your Guns.

Total Care for any type of firearm that you shoot. Rifles, Shotguns, Semi-Auto’s, Pistols, Automatics, Black powder.

The only Gun Care Solution that you can use on your optics and keep them from fogging up.

The only Gun Care Solution that will keep your Gun from sweating in all climates, no more condensation.

The Gun Care Solution that removes rust, and keeps it off.

We speed up the process of getting your firearm cleaner quicker, and easier.

The gun care solution that works on more than just gun’s. Bows & Arrows – Rods & Reels, and any kind of metal tools, Flash lights, Scopes, binoculars, cuffs, knives, and so much more.

One solution does it all and does it REALLY well and fast.

Celebrate with us and declare your independence from the smells, the harsh chemicals, the hard work of cleaning your firearms. Use the one CLP solution that Cleans, Lubricates, and Prevents Rust, and removes rust and Keeps rust off anything made of metal.

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