My brother’s Marine Recon Unit is heading back to Afghanistan and I asked him what he wanted to be sent in care packages and he said the same stuff
as before, the guys and I loved it. He was referring to your Super QCG. Great product!


Just a short note to say that I used your product to clean my Ruger 10/22TD-ISB suppressor yesterday.

The unit had about 1,000 rounds through it so I wanted to give your product a try. In a word……………………….Amazing!!! I sprayed each baffle,waited a moment or two then used a nylon bristle brush and the gunk pretty much melted away.  Took me about an hour start to finish. I will be investing in a small Hornady Sonic Cleaner unit and I am sure that will do a better job w/o the heat than my original method. Again,excellent product and it also cleaned the 10/22TD action (which can get gummy) very well. Very satisfied customer.

Wayne D.

I use this stuff on just about everything! I bought a new knife and treated with Super QGC before use, I’ve used it on all of my pad locks, my optics, and every gun that I own. It’s been a great product… I just wish that it had been more readily available to me in Southeastern Michigan. After getting a sample locally, I bought more in Grand Rapids because I happened to be out there! Great product!

Andrea - Downriver, MI

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that you have a great product. I use it on my knives, guns, ammo cans and everything else metal. I really like it at the range when I’m shooting my military guns that have corrosive ammo. The best thing about it is I don’t get yelled at by my wife when cleaning my guns (She hates the smell of other cleaners). Thanks.

N. Tallman - Cheboygan, MI

Just bought some at Grand Rapids gun show. Love it.

Dan - Grand Rapids, MI

I just wanted to tell you that I bought your product while visiting the Birch Run Gun Show last Sunday, and am very pleased with it. After I returned home that night, I used it to clean off the grease from some newly purchased magazines, and an old black powder pistol that had seen some neglect… I was amazed at how well it worked. It did everything you said it would, and I am very happy with my purchase. I am glad that you called me over to the table, and that I took the time to listen. I have to admit, I was very skeptical at first. Usually, products are “hyped up” and do not perform as well as you hope or expect, but not this one. I will be definitely be recommending your product to many people. Thanks and I wish you well…

B. Larkins - Michigan

I’ve already told a friend or two about your website and how amazing the product is… I carry a KAHR K-9 all steel gun every day and how impressed I was of your cleaner. I just cleaned my Kahr again with your product. I am convinced that it is THE BOMB… I have cleaned all of my guns with your product and I’m completely convinced that is the very best. My gun used to rust because I carry it against my body but no more rust since I’ve been cleaning it with the SQCG.

Neven - Indiana

My friend and I saw your display at the Valparaiso Gun Show. I was skeptical of course, but my friend bought a bottle for himself. When we got back to my house he told me to keep the bottle and try it on my AR 15. The salesman had said how good it would clean up a carboned up bolt. It sat on my work bench for a week or two before I got around to re-cleaning my AR. I could not believe how well it worked! So, in the interest of a true product test I cleaned a few more of my guns. It truly makes cleaning guns much less of a task, and no stinky chemicals to boot. I ended up buying another bottle at the Indy show to give to my friend, I would have felt bad about giving him a half empty bottle. Thanks for a Great Product.


I would just like to say WOW! What a great solution for all my guns! This works like no other, my duty weapon has never been or stayed cleaner. Dust just rolls off, and moving parts are slick! Thanks again, you got a lifetime customer.

Adam Torres

I really can’t tell you how impressed I am with your product. I really thought that a lot of what you were saying was just sales talk. After using the product I’m convinced that this is the best gun cleaner that I’ve ever used.

Last week I cleaned two M-4 bolt carriers, after cleaning for 30-minutes with an ultrasonic cleaner, I found that the two recessed lips areas were still very dirty and could not even be cleaned with a pick. I then sprayed them with Super Quick Clean Guns and waited a couple of minutes. Using a pick after that I had chunks coming off. Our fellow officers like the product so much that they would like to order additional quantities for their own use.

D/Sgt. Oakland - Hastings, MI

I was very impressed to see that you have Blackwater as a client. As for me I was skeptical at first, but your product has far exceeded my expectations and SQCG is now the only product that I use. I have recommended SQCG to others and am going to recommend to the department that we seriously consider using your product in place of what we have now.

Brian J. Finnegan - Chicago, IL

Excellent Product! I sent several bottles of Super QCG to my son who is serving in Iraq. He is an Infantryman with the 128th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division. He raves about your product and how after using it his weapon functions better and is easier to maintain. The environment he is living and operating in is very damaging on all of his equipment, however he will trust no other product for his weapons care. Thank you for such a fine product.

Dale Styers

I love this stuff! I used it on my old military guns and my shotguns. I even use on my knives. I have sliding doors and windows and it even helps them slide better and doesn’t collect dust like WD40 or grease.I bought 3 small bottles a year ago and still have a whole bottle left.Used a lot showing it off to my friends and family. Thanks.

Jerry Zollman - Indiana

I have been a firearms instructor for 34 years. I have used/tried almost every product for cleaning firearms. Your product will cut through the by-products of shooting a firearm in half the time it takes to clean with any other product I have used. Those that I have introduced to your product also love it. Just ordered more. I am one satisfied customer. Thanks.

Officer Runde - Hampton Township Police Dept

Approximately two years ago Harald stopped by my table at a local Gun Show. He provide me a sample of Super Quick, told me a little about it and simply said “try it.” Well I let that sample sit for about a year before I gave it a try. What a mistake! I provide firearms training weekly and always hated the task of cleaning the guns. Now that I’m using Super Quick it’s not a task at all. I loved this stuff so much I contacted Harald and asked how I could become a Distributor. I always try to provide the very best to my students. That said, if you would like to get your hands on Super Quick and you are from the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area give me a call. Just so you know, “I DON’T ENDORSE OR SELL ANYTHING I DON’T ADAMANTLY BELIEVE IN!” Try it! It sells itself!

Keith Campbell - Cleveland, OH

Was having issues with a used Ruger Mark III that I purchased. A range officer at my local gun shop told me to try this. Wary of a new product I used just two squirts in the action and feed ramp. The gun went from 1-2 stovepipes per 10 rounds, to only one out of 180! I was impressed and bought a bottle on my way out.


This super quick clean gun cleaner, lube is the greatest thing next to sex! I took some to deer camp and the guys were to busy just like all deer hunters they don’t clean guns but after a couple days went buy they started to ask what is that stuff? I told them to come over and I’ll show you. Before deer camp was over they wanted to know if they could get some of that gun lube too. Good job super quick clean guns I sure hope we never run out… thank you for such a good product.

Jess - In the North

I was visiting a friend of mine in Tawas, MI awhile back and had to clean the little Glock I carry as a back-up. Jack threw me this little spray bottle & some patches, it didn’t take long & I was a believer. I returned home to CA & ordered a bottle for myself, I have tried to keep it for myself but the more guys that find out about it the more I have been forced to share. I just ordered three more BIG bottles & I’m giving out your address so maybe they will quit bugging me. Thanks for a great product. Palm Springs PD has it’s own range but I’m heading out to the only other indoor range today in the valley (where several of the other local PD’s practice) and I’m taking whats left in the bottle I have with me. Thanks again.

Bob P. - California

My friends dad got a bottle of SQCG at a gun show last year and showed it to him. He started cleaning his guns with it as well and told my I had to try it. I had just received my new Sig Sauer P226 and he was telling me I should clean it with the SQCG to help prevent rust along with it being so much faster and easier than the products I have been using on my other guns. I was very skeptical at first, and was not sure if I wanted to spray some mystery chemical on my new pride and joy. I decided to give it a shot any way, and WOW was I impressed! My whole gun was clean in no time, and it seems the more I use it on my gun the less dirty it gets, and fingerprints are a thing of the past! Great product, and I wont let any other product touch my guns again. Oh and my dad is hooked on the stuff too now, he tried stealing my bottle ha. Thanks for a great product!


I visited the Tulsa gun show in Nov of 2010 and stopped at a table to see Super QCG. There were a lot of competing products, and I don’t know why I bought this one; I have a ton of cleaning stuff after 50 years of shooting. I thought it merited a try. I especially liked the idea of treating the exterior of my firearms to protect, preserve and rejuvenate them, in the case of older or mistreated guns. Well, I tried SQCG that very night on an old 22 rifle I bought at the show, and I was amazed at how much life came back into the metal! The slight rust came off so clean you couldn’t tell it had ever been there. I did apply repeatedly over the next several weeks as recommended, and the rifle seems to get better looking every time. I’m sold on the stuff, and i use it on every firearm after a trip to the range, and sometimes I just dig out a gun and give it a good fondling with a little SQCG just to make myself feel good. Something Freudian in there, I’m sure. Here’s my point though: It goes a long way and does a great job. Get yourself a bottle and begin using it right away. You’ll be glad you did!

Dick Buckley

Thank you super quick clean guns. I had to get weened off the bottle and now I am going to get off the old and outdated gun stuff and use SQCG on everything I have. I can’t believe how much every thing works when I started using SQCG. Thank you very much!


I have been using your product for about two months now. I am very happy with the results, I mainly shoot handguns mostly Glock’s and I have some others in my collection. One I was having problems with was a Puma 1911-22 I bought for my daughter to learn how to shoot handguns. I got a really good deal on it $199 but I was not happy with it. It came with 1 10 round magazine and I was lucky to get 5 shots off with federal bulk ammo 1260fps. The gun manual said I must use ammo with a velocity of at least 1060fps, these were 1260! I tried several other types of ammo ever hyperX from Winchester and no go. Constant failure to eject, failure to feed, failure to go fully into battery, it was always getting jambed even after trying different types of lubes. The only ammo I had decent results with was CCI minimags, even then I had some problems. Once I tore the gun apart and gave it a good cleaning with super QCG and tried the CCI minimags, it ran flawlessly. I tried the other ammo and no problems even the cheap bulk ammo! I love this stuff and have recommended it to several of my range buddies… Thanks for your help and I will continue to use this product and pass it on.


I have used your product for some time. I had purchased a new grill five years ago. It was late in the year so it was immediately subject to bad weather. In the spring I noticed rust spots on my stainless grill in several areas. I cleaned the grill, applied your product and worked it in. I have applied your product to that same grill one more time a year later. Four years later!! There is no noticeable degradation to the exterior of that grill – NONE. This grill was outside exposed to the weather – protected by SQC and did not deteriorate one bit. It looks like the day I first applied your product.

I work for an equipment manufacture and we fight metal degradation all of the time. Our products go all over the world and sit outside. There is not a doubt in my mind your product will allow our equipment to perform and look much better for years to come. I’m ordering several small bottles for our engineers and field people to apply on problem areas. I know once they experience it and see the results your product will be in every service truck and used liberally during assembly.

Lowell Werner

I started using the product close to a year ago and love it. I have been an LE armorer for bout 33 years and have used everything. I am a working Field Lt with a major Metro PD and use this on my 870, AR15 and glocks and kahrs. The more often I use the product, the easier and easier it is to clean the weapons. A couple squirts on a bore snake and about two passes through and the bores are spotless. The rust prevention is fantastic. The 870 has some bare metal spots that use to rust after a couple months in my trunk using older clp’s. Now it only gets wiped down couple times of year with not rust at all. This is the answer for the cops that hate to clean their guns.

Mark McCardia

I used your product on a mag 10 that wouldn’t cycle and now it works like a dream. I put some on a friends mossburg that wouldn’t cycle he called me back and said he had to have some the gun hadn’ t miss fired since. The stuff is great.

Jeff K.

I attended the Tulsa, OK gun show at the Quick Trip Center in April 2009. I was given a sample bottle at the time I was attended the U.S. Shooting Academy. I used the product & I have become a huge fan ever since & I use the cleaner every time I clean my guns & the cleaner works excellent. I have purchased more 8 oz. bottles. Thank for making an excellent product. Keep up the good work!

Patrick O’Malley - Brockton Police Dept.

I use your product with great success & ease on my handguns, rifles, shotguns, & muzzle-loaders. It is phenomenal! Our police chief stopped the other day, saw my can & commented that they use it as well & love it.


I got introduced to this product while taking a class at Commence Fire in Cleveland Ohio. I bought it on the recommendation of the instructor but wondered if I was just being sold in the heat of the moment so to speak. Not the case at all. This is a really great product, cleans all my guns like nothing I have ever used. Highly recommended!

Tom - Cuyahoga County, OH

At the ASP WI., 3/9/15 conference I was advised of this product. I live in Fl. near the coast. I found it to be clean on use. I have experienced no rust to my Glock even after a heavy rain. No problems with function. Just tough to see a dry gun. Thank you.

Douglas - St. Petersburg, Florida