A fast-acting penetrant that loosens and eliminates fouling of all types with one application. Strong, yet gentle enough for wood, composites, and optics. Reduces cleaning time substantially.


A dry micro-lubricant that BONDS to metal parts to keep them rust, dust, and dirt free. SQCG BONDS to the base metal to ensure smooth action, without any oily residue. Super Quick leaves your gun lubed, but dry.


Removes and inhibits rust from forming on metal. Repels moisture, oil, salt and other contaminants. Just spray and wipe dry.

Super Quick Clean Guns

Your Complete Hi-Tech Gun Care Solution in ONE (1) BOTTLE

SUPER QUICK CLEAN GUNS, also known as SuperQCG and SQCG, is a fast-acting gun cleaner and a true CLP that outperforms any other products like it on the market. Not only does SuperQCG clean, lubricate and protect firearms of any class, SQCG is a moisture dissipater and rust inhibitor that keeps even the oldest firearms functioning their best. It Renews, Restores, and Rejuvenates older guns and once it is on your guns they will not rust. Spray it on the whole firearm, parts and all, and wipe off the dirt, and you are finished.  Where you can’t wipe, SQCG will dry.

Super Quick Clean Guns is a Penetrant that penetrates the tiniest crevasses to expel moisture, then stays in place to lubricate and protect against rust for years to come. Our micro-lube is designed to BOND to the molecular surface and coats it with a diamond hard lubricant.  With SuperQCG, your gun will feel dry to the touch, but that is the beauty of it. No more oily residue, no more harsh odors that linger after application, and no more condensation, in any climate.

While Super Quick is the perfect gun cleaning solvent for all firearms, it’s also extremely effective on all metal surfaces. Use SuperQCG on every tool in the tool chest, rods & reels, knives, flashlights and anything else that you’d want to protect against rust and dust and keep them working like new. And you don’t have to worry about getting it on the wood, composites, laminates, and rubberized grips because Super Quick is so gentle that you can even use it on optics to prevent them from fogging up.

Super Quick Clean Guns is your total gun cleaning solution. Just one spray, and you’ll soon learn why law enforcement officers and military members consider SQCG the best gun cleaner to protect their firearms, from barrel, to bore, to butt.

Super Quick Clean Guns Intro – Your All-In-One Gun Cleaner

Super Quick Clean Guns Total Gun Care Solution

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