How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since August of 2000. Our market has been and is our security groups and Law Enforcement.

What is the best way to use SQCG?

You spray Super Quick Clean Guns directly on the gun, everywhere. It will not eat Styrofoam, so it will not harm your composite lowers, or any of your plastic or rubber parts.

Do we use oil to lubricate?

No. We use a patented micro-lube that bonds directly to the atomic structure of your metal parts and coats them with a diamond hard micro-lube that protects your metal parts from moisture, fingerprints, and dirt. You need not use any oil product after using SQCG.

Will it remove rust?

Yes. Spray the area that is rusty and let is set for 30 - 40 seconds for the penetrant to penetrate, then use a nylon brush, or Fine Bronze Wool, and rub the affected area until the solution turns brown and the rust is removed. If the solution dries during the above process, then re-apply SQCG to the area and continue until all the rust is gone. Wipe the brown solution off with an old cloth and check your progress.

How often should I use SQCG on my guns? 

It depends on the type of shooting you do. The best thing is to get Super Quick Clean Guns on you guns as soon as possible, and then re-clean after you shoot. I have guns that I cleaned with SQCG just once in the last 5 years and I put them on display over my fireplace and I reapply SQCG every two years. I have several deer rifles that I clean once a year after deer season and then put them in the gun safe to wait until next year, and then I have some guns that I shoot on a regular basis and I clean them weekly.

What if I can't get at it to wipe it down?

Don't worry. SQCG will dry but not leave a sticky mess. It will also work out all of the old oil and replace it with the Micro-Lube.

Can you use SQCG down your bore?

Yes. We use it on either a patch, or a Gun Mouse. In either case you spray the patch or the Gun Mouse 4-5 times and then run them down the bore followed with a dry patch or if you use just the Gun Mouse you are finished when you pull it through.

Does SQCG build up?

No, and for that reason your cleaning process goes faster, and uses less product each and every cleaning.

Does SQCG freeze?  

No. Super Quick Clean Guns will not freeze because we do not use any water in our formula, and it will not separate in the container. The shelf life of SQCG is over 200 years. SQCG is dry so it will let your firearms work in temperatures as low as -45 degrees...  and still lube the metal.

Will it hurt the wood, your grips, or your scopes?

No. SQCG will not hurt your wood, your grips, or your scope lenses. If you spray SQCG on your scope lenses, then you should follow this simple method of cleaning. Use a Clean, Dry, Micro-fiber cloth, and use one corner of the cloth to wipe off the solution, and then flip the micro-fiber cloth to the opposite corner, and use the dry portion to buff the lens and you will be condensation free on the scope, or glasses, or goggles.

How many guns will a 4oz or 8oz bottle of SQCG clean?  

It takes 1/10th of an ounce of fluid to clean a gun for the first time. After that it will take less and less fluid with every successive cleaning. Thus, the 4oz bottle will clean at least 40 different guns, but if you have only 10 - 15 guns then you will get between 50 - 65 cleanings from that size bottle. 

Will SQCG work on Black Powder Guns?

Yes, and it does a super job.

How does SQCG work on Corrosive Ammunition, primers, and powder?

SuperQCG works really well to protect against the rusting effects of corrosive ammunition. The micro-lube seals off the barrel/bore and the corrosive ammunition has no place to gain a hold. We recommend that if you know that you are shooting some of the Russian or European ammunition that you clean your gun soon after you shoot it.

Do I need to add oil when using SQCG on my gun?

No. Super Quick Clean Guns contains its own lubrication in the form of our patented Micro-lube which bonds to your metal parts and keeps them lubed and dry.