Dick Buckley

I visited the Tulsa gun show in Nov of 2010 and stopped at a table to see Super QCG. There were a lot of competing products, and I don’t know why I bought this one; I have a ton of cleaning stuff after 50 years of shooting. I thought it merited a try. I especially liked the idea of treating the exterior of my firearms to protect, preserve and rejuvenate them, in the case of older or mistreated guns. Well, I tried SQCG that very night on an old 22 rifle I bought at the show, and I was amazed at how much life came back into the metal! The slight rust came off so clean you couldn’t tell it had ever been there. I did apply repeatedly over the next several weeks as recommended, and the rifle seems to get better looking every time. I’m sold on the stuff, and i use it on every firearm after a trip to the range, and sometimes I just dig out a gun and give it a good fondling with a little SQCG just to make myself feel good. Something Freudian in there, I’m sure. Here’s my point though: It goes a long way and does a great job. Get yourself a bottle and begin using it right away. You’ll be glad you did!