My friends dad got a bottle of SQCG at a gun show last year and showed it to him. He started cleaning his guns with it as well and told my I had to try it. I had just received my new Sig Sauer P226 and he was telling me I should clean it with the SQCG to help prevent rust along with it being so much faster and easier than the products I have been using on my other guns. I was very skeptical at first, and was not sure if I wanted to spray some mystery chemical on my new pride and joy. I decided to give it a shot any way, and WOW was I impressed! My whole gun was clean in no time, and it seems the more I use it on my gun the less dirty it gets, and fingerprints are a thing of the past! Great product, and I wont let any other product touch my guns again. Oh and my dad is hooked on the stuff too now, he tried stealing my bottle ha. Thanks for a great product!