Lowell Werner

I have used your product for some time. I had purchased a new grill five years ago. It was late in the year so it was immediately subject to bad weather. In the spring I noticed rust spots on my stainless grill in several areas. I cleaned the grill, applied your product and worked it in. I have applied your product to that same grill one more time a year later. Four years later!! There is no noticeable degradation to the exterior of that grill – NONE. This grill was outside exposed to the weather – protected by SQC and did not deteriorate one bit. It looks like the day I first applied your product.

I work for an equipment manufacture and we fight metal degradation all of the time. Our products go all over the world and sit outside. There is not a doubt in my mind your product will allow our equipment to perform and look much better for years to come. I’m ordering several small bottles for our engineers and field people to apply on problem areas. I know once they experience it and see the results your product will be in every service truck and used liberally during assembly.