I have been using your product for about two months now. I am very happy with the results, I mainly shoot handguns mostly Glock’s and I have some others in my collection. One I was having problems with was a Puma 1911-22 I bought for my daughter to learn how to shoot handguns. I got a really good deal on it $199 but I was not happy with it. It came with 1 10 round magazine and I was lucky to get 5 shots off with federal bulk ammo 1260fps. The gun manual said I must use ammo with a velocity of at least 1060fps, these were 1260! I tried several other types of ammo ever hyperX from Winchester and no go. Constant failure to eject, failure to feed, failure to go fully into battery, it was always getting jambed even after trying different types of lubes. The only ammo I had decent results with was CCI minimags, even then I had some problems. Once I tore the gun apart and gave it a good cleaning with super QCG and tried the CCI minimags, it ran flawlessly. I tried the other ammo and no problems even the cheap bulk ammo! I love this stuff and have recommended it to several of my range buddies…¬†Thanks for your help and I will continue to use this product and pass it on.